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Website Development.

Our world has changed into a digital environment. Consumers browse the internet for information which makes it crucial to have a website promoting your service / product / company. A website is the first stepping stone for clients to build an online relationship with your company in order to create trust.


Website Services we offer.

UI/UX Design

Let's create that special touch for you so that your website is ready for a "Pixel Perfect" interaction.

Website Hosting

Do you need fast and reliable web hosting? Pixal8 Media has you covered with great hosting packages.

SEO Optimisation

We break down all your competitor's SEO strategies. Let us give you the edge over your competitors.


Need to sell your products/services online? Let Pixal8 Media build an Ecommerce experience for you.

LMS System

Need to host a course online? We can assist with integrating any training programmes onto your digital platform.

Maintenace & Updates

Our value-added service includes the update of the website theme, WordPress platform, and plugins. We also do security checks and make a backup of the website. This can be done monthly or bi-monthly.

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Our Process.


When developing a website you need to do proper brainstorming to plan everything out before you start with the development.

Sitemap and Wireframe

The sitemap is the structure of the website. Once you know the goals and scope of the website project, it's time to create a sitemap and a wireframe. These will give you a guide to your website’s layout and structure and a targeted outline for creating content.

XD/Figma Mockup

Once we clearly understand the main objective of the website and have a clear indication of how the website will be structured, we will create a visual representation of the website. There will be no interactivity, however the client will be able to visually see how the website will look and it is crucial that the design look and feel gets final approval before the development starts.

Website Development

After the final approval the development phase will start. Once the website is completed we will send the client a link to revise the website and let us know if they pick anything up which needs to change before the launch of the site.

Testing & Launch

It is crucial to do final testing before the launch of the website on all device sizes. While testing is in progress, SEO will be set up. Once the testing is completed we will launch the website onto the live domain. Google analytics and Google Tag Manager will be set up and we will also submit the website to Google.

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Our Skillset.

  • What is the average time it takes to build a website?

    Building a website all depends on the size of the website, how long the brainstorming takes, and how quickly we receive feedback from the client. A website project can vary from 1 month – 6 months depending on the requirements.

  • How much does it cost?

    There is no fixed rate for developing a website. The size of the website and the various requirements influences the cost of the website. Ecommerce and LMS websites will be more expensive due to the time consuming nature implementing the systems onto the website and adding the content.

  • Will my WordPress website be fast?

    We make sure that we do everything possible from our side to optimise the website in order to run fast, essentially the hosting package your website is hosted on will influence the speed of the website. 

  • Why choose Pixal8 Media for web development?

    Due to having a highly skilled team in both website development and graphic design, we can offer you a website that does not only function perfectly but also looks amazing. We design and develop websites at affordable prices with a completely customised look and feel.

  • Will my website be secure?

    The security of the website depends on the hosting as well regular maintenance and updates. In order to prevent the website from being hacked, we recommend that you make use of our Value Added Service which includes monthly or bi-monthly updates. We do however make use of SSL certificates and update PHP regularly on all websites which are hosted with Pixal8 Media in order to make websites more secure.

  • Can I manged my website on my own?

    Yes, we make use of Elementor and Bricks which is a building platform integrated into Wordpress which makes it extremely easy for clients to manage their content themselves. We do however strongly recommend a training session on order to guide the clients through the platform before attempting to make any changes.